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Doing DMM training in the Middle East

Disciple Making Movements

What is it? DMM is a method of discipleship where Matt 28:18-20 is lived out! People are empowered to obey Jesus, share about Him, and love Him as they discover God for themselves through the Word.

I spent 5 months using DMM first hand on the front lines in the Middle East and I have seen the incredible fruit that comes from this method of discipleship. I also took a 12 week training course on the ins and outs of disciple making.

It works in any cultural context because the basis of it is the Word of God! There are several Disciple Making Movements already formed throughout the USA, and all over the world!

If you would like to receive this training to reach your own community or even start a home church or Bible study group, reach out to me via my contact page and I’d be happy to set up a zoom training with you.