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G’day y’all!

A couple weeks ago I applied for my Australian Student Visa and when I did so, I was informed that the visa would take 49-65 days to be processed. Then, a few days later the processing time was increased to 65-85 days. Since my plan was to leave in the first week of March, I was disappointed that it would now take much longer to go to Australia. Still, I planned to be packed and ready to leave on March 5th and trust God to sort out the rest.

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Mercy and Sunday

Rizal Park. Manila, Philippines. It was the end of my first week in the Philippines, and all of Saturday was dedicated to evangelism! Missionary teams from all over Metro Manila had joined together on that day, along with a large number of youth from local churches, to spread the love of God in the busy city parks and streets of Manila City. Our large group split into twos or threes to go talk to the crowds of tourists, locals, and homeless people who spent their time in the park. I joined with two other young missionaries: one from Australia, and one from right there in the Philippines. We talked to several people throughout the day but the most impactful encounter for me was when I met Mercy and Sunday.

Halfway through the day of evangelism, clouds rolled in and it began to rain. I expected the crowds of people to leave the park due to the weather, but, instead, they gathered under awnings, umbrellas, trees, and rooftop eaves waiting for the rain to pass. Crowds of people with nothing to do except wait for the storm to die down… a perfect opportunity to tell them some Good News! I walked under one of the awnings where peopled were gathered and my eyes caught those of an older Filipino woman who was sitting on a tarp on the ground. Smiling, I approached her and she instantly moved over slightly on her tarp to give me room to sit with her.

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DT(yeS)!… Manila, Philippines.

I was so nervous, and so were my three teammates. It was my first time in the Philippines and, as I walked out of the front door, into the humid night air, I also was walking outside the safety of my comfort zone. Lining the street, were flashing lights, a strange mix of tourists and homeless people, and the people we had come to talk to: prostitutes, pimps, bartenders. My team and I hesitantly walked into the street in front of the bars and clubs and a man approached us. In his broken english and thick Filipino accent he invited us into the club, and offered us a “great deal”. To my shock, my leader replied with a casual “ok, sure, let’s go!” We were led into the club where there were women reclining on couches. Read More

DT(yeS)!… Kimberley Region

G’day Y’all!

After the 3 month Lecture phase in my Discipleship Training School we moved into Outreach Phase. Outreach changed my life. I was able to see God in action. I experienced God’s heart for His people; the broken heart He has at the terrible injustices in the world, but also His incredible joy when someone responds to His love. On Outreach I watched as God held back storm clouds so that we could tell more people about Him, as He filled people with His joy, and as He changed lives and brought freedom. I saw lives being changed, while at the same time, my life was being changed. Our first stop on Outreach was the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.
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G’day Y’all,

I’ve been thinking over the past 6 months, the most life changing months I’ve ever experienced. I went to Perth, Australia looking for an adventure and to be closer to God, but I came home with so much more: a calling and purpose for my life, eyes open to God’s heart for His children. I attended a program called a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) which consisted of a 12 week lecture phase and a 12 week outreach phase. Over the next few posts, I want to share some of the highlights with all y’all!
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Welcome to My Blog!

G’day Y’all!

Welcome to my blog! My goal with this blog is to keep you updated on my adventures and travels as I join Youth With A Mission Perth as a full time missionary! My goal is also to give God all of the glory for the incredible things that He is doing in my life and in the lives of the people that I encounter. The name that I chose for my blog has a lot of meaning behind it. At first, I had no idea what to name it! So after about a week of struggling over it, I decided to pray about it! I sat down and asked God what He thought about it and then I began reading through my little notebook full of what God has spoken to me that I keep; and I began to see a pattern… I realized that one of the main things that God has been speaking to me about over the last 6 months is the importance of “laying down my rights”. God is constantly reminding me of the freedom that comes when I give Him everything. Relinquishing control in my life and giving everything to Him, good or bad, is so freeing because His plans are so much better than anything I could come up with. And He is so worthy of that! So the first aspect of the name “No Rights” for my blog is the reminder that I want to daily lay down my rights to God and give Him every aspect of my life, my worries, my plans, my joy, my future… I want Him to be in charge of all of it.

The second aspect of the name “no Rights” aligns with the passion God has given me. Ive always had a passion for helping people who have been treated with injustice, people who have been over-looked, people who, in another sense of the phrase, truly have no rights. God has called me to join a ministry, in YWAM, called Revive, and the specific focus of this ministry is to reach the young people who have been overlooked, the people on the fringes of society. Revive helps practically through trauma processing, encouraging them engage in meaningful activities, and being advocates and raising awareness of their needs; but Revive also seeks to bring the amazing story of God’s love to the people who, so often, haven’t seen what true love is. When God called me to join this ministry, He led me to a verse: Proverbs 31:8-9: “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.” This blog stands for what God has spoken, for the calling He has given me, and it it stands for the people with no voice, No Rights.


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