Nutrition On The Mission

With all my traveling, I am coming into contact with a lot of new environments, and therefore, new stresses on my body and on my immune system. I just want to share with all of y’all what I do to stay healthy on the days that I’m on the mission field… and every other day too!

Oils in the Outback! -Nicci Mier

“but, what if I don’t want to do that?”…. the class looked at me like I was crazy. I was going to the Philippines! They couldn’t believe that I didn’t want to get any shots. But, at that point, I was already a crazy girl, who uses some strange plant oils, who doesn’t like to use any medicines, so I wasn’t too worried about what they thought. I decided to support my immune system naturally. After a few months, and a few uninvited oilings, my teammates didn’t think I was so crazy after all.

I recently returned from a missionary training school where I spent 4 months in Australia, and about 2 months in the Philippines and my oils went with me! I learned so much about God over the last 6 months, and one of the things I love about Him is that He is practical. He cares so deeply for our souls but He also cares about our bodies and physical wellbeing because He wants His children to live full, happy lives in closeness with Him. So I just want to share with y’all the main oils/supplements that I used to maintain my wellness (and sometimes that of my teammates) through my travels!

The most frequently used oils/ supplements for me:

-Peppermint Essential Oil

~ I used it almost daily for everything from head to toe to trying to stay awake for late night book reports or projects. At least one person on my team of 8 was constantly smelling of peppermint, because at the slightest comment or complaint, I would whip out my oil and throw it onto them. It was especially nice to stay cool with since it was extremely hot in the areas we were working. Eventually, my teammates grew to love peppermint almost as much as me! One day, I was feeling a little under the weather and I woke up to my friend putting peppermint oil on my forehead and giving me Vitamin C! I ended up being able to really enjoy that day and leave my discomfort behind!

-Super C/Vitamin C

~ I took this as often as I could, not quite daily, but fairly frequently. I always felt confident after taking it because I knew my immune system was staying strong.

-Lavender Essential Oil

~ Let me tell you right now, the Australian sun is not a joke. If you ever go to the Land Down Under, please, please put sunscreen on. I learned the hard way; I skipped the sunscreen one day when we went to the beach and I earned many nicknames that day: red pepper, lobster, tomato. It was bad, y’all. So my natural solution was to empty about a third of my lavender bottle onto myself. The next day I was able to hug people and wear a backpack without flinching!

~ Also, often after bathing or playing with the street kids in the Philippines we would put lavender in our hair in order to discourage any uninvited hitchhikers

-Digize Essential Oil

~ At the slightest complaint of digestive issues, I broke this out. Mostly used it in the Philippines where my team and I were exposed to new foods, new water, new environment. I loved having the confidence that my digestive system was being well supported!

-Thieves Essential Oil-

~ Dropped onto my cuts/scrapes. I had some gardening shears accidentally dropped on my bare foot one day, after our gardening work duty, and it sliced me up a little bit. I turned to my thieves to help it along. Then I lost my toenail in the outback while we were staying in an Aboriginal community. Thieves!

~ I also used it to help support my immune system when it was stressed. Anytime I felt like my immune system wasn’t working to its full capacity, I dropped some Thieves in my mouth or sprayed the Thieves spray. I also had a great laugh at the reactions of my teammates when they wanted to try the Thieves spray for themselves.

-Lemon Essential Oil

~ In my water! It tasted great and is great for my body. Carried it in my stainless steel water bottle throughout the day and I love it! I soon began to hear, “hey, Nic, can I have some of that lemon oil in my water?”

-Balance Complete Powder

~ Great for a fast meal replacement when I needed a meal on the go or a healthy alternative for breakfast. Also great during times of fasting to keep up energy during the day!

And, of course, for my daily toiletries, I used;

~ Thieves toothpaste

~ Lavender shampoo/conditioner

~ Orange blossom face soap! In the Philippines, my team and I found a starving little street kitten so we took him in, bathed him with the orange blossom face soap, and fed him. I used the face soap because its gentle on skin but, also has oils in it. He became the team kitten! So, Orange blossom soap is good for more than just faces!

I loved watching my friends go from thinking I was crazy to using the oils themselves! One of my friends was very skeptical of the oils. I would put oils on her, and she would just roll her eyes. So it was definitely a highlight when she came up to me, after being apart for 3 weeks, and admitted in a whisper, “Nic… I like essential oils now”

Essential Oils are just a part of my lifestyle and I loved being able to incorporate them into my studies in Australia and my mission time in the Philippines! I plan on continuing to bring my oils all over the world as I go back to Australia and other places as a full time missionary! If you would like to stay updated on how God is working in my life, follow me on FaceBook (Nicolette Mier) and here, on my blog,

3 John 1:2 My dear friend, I pray that everything may go well with you and that you may be in good health – as I know you are well in spirit.

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