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Be Available

“Be available” is the what God spoke to me when i first joined staff for ywam perth in March. And now he is reminding me of it again. Working with Aboriginal people requires a great amount of flexibility and willingness to learn and change so this has been a major challenge and privilege for me […]

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This is why…

“Well, I’m a Christian, can I pray for you?” ”haha, do you know how many Christians have prayed for me today?! Three!” “Wow! I think God is trying to send people to show you that He loves you and cares about you…” “No. No one loves me…” That statement broke my heart. I had been […]

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It’s Happening!

G’day y’all! A couple weeks ago I applied for my Australian Student Visa and when I did so, I was informed that the visa would take 49-65 days to be processed. Then, a few days later the processing time was increased to 65-85 days. Since my plan was to leave in the first week of March, I was disappointed […]

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Mercy and Sunday

Rizal Park. Manila, Philippines. It was the end of my first week in the Philippines, and all of Saturday was dedicated to evangelism! Missionary teams from all over Metro Manila had joined together on that day, along with a large number of youth from local churches, to spread the love of God in the busy […]

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DT(yeS)!… Manila, Philippines.

I was so nervous, and so were my three teammates. It was my first time in the Philippines and, as I walked out of the front door, into the humid night air, I also was walking outside the safety of my comfort zone. Lining the street, were flashing lights, a strange mix of tourists and […]

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Welcome to My Blog!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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