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Dumkot Ramry

15 hours in a bus, 8 hours in a van, and 11 hours hiking to get to the remote mountain village, Dumkot Ramry. In this village, we lived in the clouds. Sometimes, above the clouds. One thing my team and I noticed as we spent some time in this village was that everyone seemed very […]

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“I don’t want anger”

What makes up the characteristics of any society? Its individuals! If individuals in a society value family, then the society as a whole tends to value families as well. The choices of individuals dictate the characteristics and values of the society they are in. In the Kimberley region of north Western Australia, where there are […]

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The Tharu People

The Tharu people are an unreached people group who live in the southern part of Nepal. They are 95% Hindu and only 3 % Christian. They live in beautifully designed homes made of plastered mud and cow dung with huge plastered containers for their staple crop: rice! They catch fish in huge, intricate nets that […]

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DT(yeS)!… Kimberley Region

G’day Y’all! After the 3 month Lecture phase in my Discipleship Training School we moved into Outreach Phase. Outreach changed my life. I was able to see God in action. I experienced God’s heart for His people; the broken heart He has at the terrible injustices in the world, but also His incredible joy when […]

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