Nicolette Mier

Missionary/Volunteer Based in Western Australia

Hey Y’all! The purpose and goals of this blog is:

  • to share the incredible stories of what God is doing in my adventures in the Australian outback and the world.
  • to empower young people to step out and take risks to live life to the fullest on a journey of following God. Anything is possible with God! We need to DREAM BIG!
  • to share tips and insights for staying healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually!
  • to help you get to know more of who God is! Feel free to ask me contact me and ask questions about anything on this blog or any of the stories I share!

A Little Bit About Me:
  • I have been living in Australia for the past 2.5 years as a missionary and volunteer.
  • Travelled to 4 continents. Hoping to add Africa and Europe soon!
  • I am an extrovert that loves adventure, challenges, new experiences, and the one I do it all for: Jesus!
  • I am passionate about helping people who have been overlooked, pushed aside, and forgotten about. So I work alot with marginalized people groups: the homeless, tribal people, youth in poverty or abusive situations, etc..
  • I have an incredible family that instilled strong values and a love of adventure and travel in me since I was young.
  • I love living a simple, healthy life with Young Living Essential oils!

The name of this blog “no rights” is for the way I want to live. Laying down any of my own opinions, desires, plans, or “rights” in order to follow what God has for me. His way is the best way! It also stands for the people groups I am passionate about… the ones who have been overlooked, and literally have no rights!