Everyday Miracles

“Oh! My brother has the same birthmark as you!”. This was the comment that started a miraculous conversation. I was shopping in Target and a woman, named Julie, approached me because of my birthmark on my arm. We began talking and as I learned about her life, I felt God’s broken heart for some of the pain she was dealing with. Her brother has schizophrenia, her friend has breast cancer… so I asked if I could pray with her.

She was surprised, but as I prayed with her, she began to cry. She just kept sharing how touched she was by the kindness and by the fact that God brought us together in that moment. “I wasn’t even planning on shopping here, I made a wrong turn and ended up in the parking lot. So I just decided to come in.” God led her to that specific store and had us bump into each other.

This meeting was miraculous. I got to share that God is real and sees her! If I had worn a shirt that covered my birthmark, if she had just kept driving after making that wrong turn, if I had not engaged in conversation… then she would have never seen experienced the love of God in that moment. This meeting was not a coincidence. It was a miracle.

We often think of “miracles” as the big moments of blind eyes being opened or storm clouds rolling away. And I’ve seen many incredible miracles like these. But I believe God is working SO MUCH more than only in those big moments.

Dont Miss the Miracle!

We miss the miracles happening all around us. God is working in our lives 24/7 if we let Him!

The patience and peace you experience in a moment when you would usually explode; the friend, who you haven’t heard from in a while, calling just when you need it the most; the fact that your small fender bender wasn’t a more dangerous accident; and moments like the one I shared earlier, where eyes are opened to the goodness of God….. these are miracles!

God showed up for Hagar, in Genesis 16, right when she needed Him. He spoke words of encouragement, promise, and strength over her. Her response was this:

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

Genesis 16:13

So often we explain away the daily miracles as coincidences or chance encounters, but God is way more involved in our lives than we give him credit for. He KNOWS US more than we know ourselves. He SEES what we need on a moment to moment basis. And He is a good Father who takes care of His children… us.

When I first came to Idaho I was feeling quite lonely. After living in a big city, working with so many of my friends and people my own age, it was difficult to be back in a small town, away from the lifestyle I was used to. A friend messaged me one day saying that she got a picture, from God, of me meeting people in a coffee shop and making friends. That same week a went to a Bible study and God sent me a friend there. In a coffee shop. We still meet up every week for Bible studies! God is so good and He is always a miracle-working God.

The truth is, every day is a miracle. Keep your eyes open for the seemingly little things that happen in your day! God is WITH you and He is working in your life.

What miracles have happened in your life lately? Keep your eyes open for it!

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