How to have a “party radar”. Tips for finding adventure in your area.

How to have a “party radar”

My friends joke that I must have a magnet or radar for parties because I am always finding the most random, yet super fun, events, festivals, fairs, concerts, etc. There are exciting things happening all around us in the places we live or visit, but it can be difficult to hear about them! Here are some ways that I have found to be able to find the most random and fun festivals, places, and events.

While COVID is definitely limiting the amount, or at least the type, of adventure we can have, these are still great tips for getting the most out of wherever you are!

Facebook and other apps

I have only recently started to understand how FB works, so y’all might already know about this feature on the app but there is a section of Facebook that shows you events happening in your area!

  • Under the “Events” tab on Facebook, you can see the time, price, and location of fun events happening in your area. Due to the pandemic, this tab now also shows online events that are available to join, which is a pretty fun addition! Take some time to scroll through this feature and add some things to your calendar!

Facebook groups. There are usually Facebook groups for certain areas or cities that share about events as well. My friend is Brazilian and so, being a part of a “Brazilians in Perth” Facebook group, she got news of several cultural festivals that we were able to find and enjoy!

Classy, I know, but here is my Brazilian food at the cultural festival! Tapioca, coxinha, and Guarana.

  • Coffee Shops. At many cafes and coffee shops, there is a wall or counter or board that shows local events that are coming up. I’ve even seen store fronts with events posted in their front window to see as you walk by. So go out for some coffee, and a walk, and find your weekend plans while you’re at it!
Discovered this Indian Festival from a sign posted in a storefront. There were free kites to fly, music, dancing, and food! Also met some amazing people while I was there.
  • Ask the Locals.

I mean… this doesnt need much explanation, the locals know best. And if you’re anything like me, you want to avoid the over priced tourist attractions and truly experience the area you are at. So just ask! Maybe the people you meet will even accompany you and BAM, you got a new friend AND a fun event to go to.

Try talking with the people who are working in the area: at the cafe, grocery store, etc.

Even if YOU are the local and you still dont know what’s happening in your town, I guarantee there is some adventurer or busy-body in your circle of friends who has all the info you need.

Drinking from a coconut in Brazil and having a snow cone at the massive Australia Day festival in Perth. Connections with the locals is key!

  • Be observant – Honestly, this is probably the main way that I have found fun adventures and events. Just go and explore. If you hear music… follow it until you find what’s happening! If you see lights or fireworks, go see where its coming from! If you see a crowd gathering, ask someone what is happening. If you see a stage or equipment being set up… go ask what its for! Adventures lead to more adventures.

I have found amazing photo opportunities, outdoor movie theatres, fairs, live music events, free stuff, and so much more just from wandering around the city.

I hope this leads to many new adventures! God bless y’all.

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