Tales of the “Essential Oil Girl” Pt 4

G’day Y’all! Happy Monday! Here is another funny/slightly amusing story about my experiences as the “essential oil girl”. This time its not an essential oil:

The Product: Ningxia Red

NingXia Red
Click on the bottle ⬆️ for research on the amazing benefits of Ningxia Red’s main ingredient: Goji/Wolf berry.

I drink this antioxidant juice on a daily basis! Here are a few of the things that I love about this Young Living Product:

  • It tastes great! I like to mix it with sparkling water, or even normal water with ice, for a healthy replacement for soda.
  • You only need to drink a shot glass worth (2 -4oz) per day. So the bottle lasts a while!
  • Contains citrus essential oils like lemon, tangerine, orange, and yuzu. Read this previous post about the benefits of citrus oils!
  • Helps balance energy levels
  • Antioxidant ingredients including Wolfberry fruit
  • Supports whole body wellness!

The Story

A couple years ago, I had recently moved to Perth, Western Australia and I had a couple other girls as housemates in my apartment. It was a very small apartment so we had bunk beds… and I got the top bunk.

One night I was craving something sweet so I got a package of Ningxia Red out of the freezer and went to relax in my bed. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before finishing the juice. The next morning my housemate, the one who slept in the bottom bunk, was looking at me very concerned. “Are you ok? Did you have a nose bleed last night?!” she asked me as she pointed to some kind of red liquid dripping down the wall, coming from my bed.

Confused and concerned, I reviewed the events of the previous night…. did I bump my face or get a nose bleed? What happened?? Then I realized, I fell asleep and spilled the juice! It dripped down the wall and startled my poor housemate. We ended up having a good laugh over it.

Love it? Want to get your own?

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