Tales of the “Essential Oil Girl” Pt. 3

G’day Y’all! Its going to be a great week! This week’s featured product is Lavender Essential Oil. Keep scrolling to learn about this oil and read my embarrassing stories related to it. ⤵️

The Product

Lavender Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
Hey science lovers and essential oil doubters! Click on the bottle ⬆️ for a research article about the benefits of lavender essential oil

How I have use Young Living Lavender Essential oil:

  • around my eyes and nose for seasonal allergies
  • on acne
  • on bug bites
  • directly onto scratches and cuts
  • on infected piercings (got a fresh piercing right before traveling… not the smartest move)
  • mixed with aloe vera, lotion, or in a spray for sunburns
  • on rashes
  • I put it on pretty much any skin issues really
  • diffuse it or breathe it in to relax

The Story

After a couple months of living in Australia, I still didn’t fully understand the power of the Aussie sun. On one occasion, I went to the beach with some friends and we all decided “hey, let’s tan our stomachs”. This sounded like a fabulous idea but one thing was overlooked: the blazing sun, failing ozone layer, and blinding white skin never mixes well.

I haphazardly slapped some sunscreen onto my shoulders and went to soak up the sun. Unbeknownst to me, I rested my hand, which still had a remnant of sunscreen on it, onto my stomach. A few hours later, to my horror, I discovered that I had, not only gotten an extremely painful sunburn, but also burned a distinct handprint onto my stomach.

I must have used half my bottle of Lavender oil that day trying to right my wrongs, and we all had a good laugh about it.

Lavender oil has also been my trusty sidekick when I had the worst seasonal allergies of my life ( I did all but bathe in the stuff), as well as when I accidentally sliced my leg open right before sludging through manure on a cattle ranch. You can live through a lot with a little bit of prayer and essential oils!

Love it? Want your own?

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