Tales of the “Essential Oil Girl” Pt 2

G’day y’all. Happy Monday! This week’s Young Living product is Lemon Essential Oil. This oil has gone all over the world with me! Read the story and the ways I have used this oil below ⤵️.

The Product

Lemon Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
Click on this bottle ⬆️ for a research article on the benefits of lemon and citrus essential oil…. for those science lovers and essential oil doubters.

How I have used this oil through my travels, but also just on a daily basis:

  • Clean air by diffusing… makes my house smell so clean!
  • Flavouring my water
  • In a capsule pill with other oils to support immune system
  • Acne (it burns a bit though)

The Story

I was in a very very remote village in Nepal. I shared a bit about the indigenous people group that I met there in this blog post. We went to this village to build a bio- sand water filter because the water that came from the pumps was contaminated. The people were experiencing sickness and stomach pain because of the yellow, stinking water. We assumed that there would be somewhere to buy clean water for our team on our way there… but, seeing the dirt roads and empty rice fields through our tricycle cab’s windows, we realized we were on our own.

When we arrived in the village, it sunk in that we would be drinking this same foul tasting water that was hurting the stomachs even of the local people (luckily we had some chlorine drops but none of us had alot of fait in those). I am not exaggerating to say that I prayed for protection over EVERY sip of water. My essential oils go EVERYWHERE with me, so this village was no exception. I dont think I’ve ever used more lemon oil in my LIFE as I did in that week. After filling my stainless steel bottle from the pump, holding my breath as the water poured out, I would drop in my chlorine drops and an insane amount of lemon oil! My teammates wanted to use the oil too!

Due to the oils and the chlorine and mostly the protection of the Lord, we left that village alive and well. And without any parasites (that I know of). We were able to build around 10 slow sand water filters which effectively clean the water for years and years. We also taught the people how to build it themselves so they could replicate it throughout the village!

Love it? Want to get your own?

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