Tales of the “Essential Oil Girl”

G’day y’all, just want to share about how I stay healthy through my travels and through my encounters with strange food ( from dog meat to half developed chicken fetuses, etc..) and sketchy water… (like yellow and smelling and awful tasting… that level of sketchy).

I was going to list off all the Young Living essential oils and supplements that I love to use and that have been trusty side-kicks through my travels, but I was bored just writing it, so I KNEW y’all would be bored to read it. Instead, I am going to take a different angle as I share my health tips and tricks… through story.

I’ve been using Young Living products long enough to have my fair share of funny experiences. So I’ll be sharing a featured Young Living essential oil or product in each post, and a funny (or just slightly amusing) story that is connected to it!

The “essential oil girl” kind of became my nick-name among my missionary friends in Perth, so… I’m gonna roll with it.

This week’s featured essential oil is:

…isn’t this pretty

The Product

Peppermint Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
Click on this bottle to see a research study about the benefits of essential oils ⬆️… for those science lovers or essential oil doubters

Here are some of the benefits of Peppermint Essential oil and some of the ways I have used it:

  • cooling down when it’s hot out – or after workouts (which is not too often)
  • headaches
  • stomach issues
  • insect repellent
  • I put it on mosquito bites because the tingling helps reduce the itchiness
  • breath freshener
  • breathe it in to bring alertness and wake up my mind used topically, internally, or diffused!

The Story

I was in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, which is where the remote Aboriginal communities are. My team and I were working in a school in one of these communities, teaching the kids how to handle their emotions and conflict resolution. We were living in the school gymnasium which is an empty circular room about 40 feet in diameter with concrete floors (which is nice because it helps keep us cool in the 110° weather).

It was the morning which means I was going about my normal routine… basically bathing in essential oils. I was making a capsule of essential oils to support my immune system when my hand eye coordination failed me and I fumbled the peppermint oil bottle around before dropping it and watching it fall in slow mo… shattering on the concrete. The room instantly filled with the powerful mint smell… it was lovely, but also made my eyes water a bit.

After taking a minute to overcome my deep sense of loss for my favourite essential oil (the bottle was basically full), I knelt down to clean up the glass, and in doing so, got some of it stuck in my knee! I got everything cleaned up after a while, with my eyes watering, hands tingling, and knee bleeding. Quite a chaotic morning, but my team loved the smell which filled the room for about 24 hrs, and we sure felt alert and awake that morning from breathing in all that peppermint!

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  1. Wow so awesome. Love peppermint for my workouts (because I actually do them) and also sometimes in water when it’s hot out. Making peppermint ice cream with it is also amazing. Thanks for the tips and fun story!

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