YWAM Broome

There are some things that I NEVER thought I would do in my lifetime.

1: be a missionary
2: live in a foreign country
3: work with young people

… and I  definitely never imagined that I would pioneer a missionary training base in the Kimberley region of Western Australia…. but God is so good to me that He has called me into this adventure with Him!


One of the Aboriginal communities where we have worked regularly in the school, church, and ran youth programs.

In March 2020 I am going with a team of 13 people to start a new training base in the Kimberley region of Australia, where the Aboriginal communities are. We will be moving from Perth, the city of millions, to Broome, the town of thousands. This base will be called YWAM Broome. 

We are going with the purpose and vision of seeing God bring hope and transformation to the Aboriginal people there… and then to go to other tribal nations! South America, Africa, Island nations, etc…. and there is already a training base in Papua, Indonesia that wants to partner with us!!!

Papua, Indonesia, running a kids program with our contact from the base that wants to partner with YWAM Broome.

I will be part of pioneering Discipleship Training Schools(the 6 month program that first brought me to Australia) for the people of the Kimberley. Some of the other things that will be part of this new work in Broome:

  • Youth ministry
  • Partnership with local churches and volunteer organizations
  • Frequent trips into the Aboriginal communities(with invitation) to do kids programs, work in the schools, share in the churches, and other practical works
  • ARMS- Australian Relief and Mercy Services-where we help people in crisis and at risk of losing their homes by cleaning, gardening, moving things, picking up trash, or whatever else is needed.
  • Bible seminars

… and that is just the beginning!

Aboriginal elders singing worship to God!

I never thought I would be moving to a remote town to work with tribal people… but I am so excited that God has brought me here! It will be difficult, but He will make a way.

If you have any questions, want to here more details, or want to get involved, you can contact me at ylnicci@icloud.com or sign up for my email updates!

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