Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I’ve written a blog post here. I am going to start writing more regularly now!

Recently I got back from 3 weeks in Papua, Indonesia and 9 weeks in the Aboriginal communities in North Western Australia. There are so many funny and amazing stories from my time there, from getting sick during travel to eating dog meat for the first time to God healing hearts and physical bodies… It was incredible and I will be writing a brief overview of that time so start looking out for that!

Lately God is really moving here in Australia and in my life. Latest revelation has just been about His goodness and faithfulness in keeping His promises and in His character.

During prayer one day, someone said:
“God, thank you that your promises are in who you are”

and that really stuck with me. I don’t need to wait around for God to speak “Nicci, I promise I will provide for you” or “Nicci, I promise I will be with you” because HE IS PROVIDER and HE IS FAITHFUL.

We can be certain that God is who He says He is. all the time. This brings so much security and confidence!

This is my recent revelation! Keep an eye out for stories from Indonesia!

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