Dumkot Ramry

15 hours in a bus, 8 hours in a van, and 11 hours hiking to get to the remote mountain village, Dumkot Ramry. In this village, we lived in the clouds. Sometimes, above the clouds.

One thing my team and I noticed as we spent some time in this village was that everyone seemed very shy. Ive been to places before, like the Philippines, where people were shy to see foreigners. But, in this village, the shyness was to the extent that people wouldn’t respond to the Gospel or ask us any questions.

My team and I decided to start praying against the spirit of shyness and fear, and pray for breakthrough. Also during this time, we had been asking the Nepali people in Dumkot to teach us traditional Nepali dances, but again, they were too shy.

On the last day in the village, we were getting ready to sleep before our 11 hour hike down the mountain, and we were surprised to find an audience waiting for us in our “room” (the church building).

At first the group consisted of just a few young people, but it soon grew to crowd of all ages! And the purpose? To dance! First, we showed them our dance that we learned to catch peoples attention in open air presentations, and then someone grabbed a drum and started singing! That night we learned Nepali dances! That night we saw breakthrough in shyness! And that night we communicated the love of God to the people, without any translator.

God is so good to answer prayers, and in a way that we never expected! Through dance! There were some older women there as well, one whom we had shared the Gospel with earlier, and they were so grateful for our time of dancing and laughing together! “Thank you thank you” they told us.

Later, in another town, we taught at a Discipleship Training School. And one of the students in this School, we found out, was the future pastor of the church in Dumkot Ramry! He was there to gain training to lead and disciple the people of the village. And so, we got to continue investing the future of that village and church, even though we weren’t there, through teaching the pastor!

God is doing something great in Nepal and Dumkot Ramry!

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