Does God like coffee?

Last week I shared about the Tharu People group in south Nepal. God is doing amazing things in the nations! But today I want to share a story of how God is doing amazing things in the people that he’s sending to the nations!

I spent the last 6 months as a staff member on a Discipleship Training School which trains students how to have a close relationship to God and how to share about Him with people all over the world! It’s the same training program that changed my own life last year. One of my favorite things about staffing a school here is that I get to see God encounter the students and show them aspects of His character that’s they hadnt thought of before!

One of the students on Revive DTS wanted to get a coffee from our little cafe here on base. This was after we had teaching on how God speaks and we can hear His voice. So she asked God if it was ok to use her money to get a coffee, and God told her “no”…

She was confused and disappointed. But, a couple minutes later, Jype, another staff member on the school, came up to her and said that God just told him to buy her a coffee! My student was amazed! God didnt want her to not have coffee! He just wanted her to trust him in a new way so that he could show His love through another person and give her a gift! She was able to see how good God is in caring for the little details in her life, not only the big ones.

Why did God even intervene in this situation? Does God like coffee? Maybe, I don’t know! But what he LOVES is to see His children happy. He LOVES to give good gifts to his kids. He LOVES to see the smile on our face when we can choose to trust Him and be blessed by it.

Another thing He loves is when his kids love on each other! After Jype bought her a coffee, she came up to me and said that God told her to buy me a coffee now! It’s a circle of love that started with trusting and receiving the love of God. Imagine the impact that it would have if we all would trust and obey God in such simple ways as this, even if we don’t understand why, and love one another in response to Gods love for us!

This is what a close relationship with God looks like; trusting Him for the littlest details. Living life WITH God, not FOR Him. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and its how we learn more about who He is. Because that student learned to trust and obey God in the little things, it was easier for her to trust and obey when He called her back into full time missions! Now she is preparing to be a full time missionary and is excited about what God has next for her!

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