YWAM Broome

There are some things that I NEVER thought I would do in my lifetime.

1: be a missionary
2: live in a foreign country
3: work with young people

… and I  definitely never imagined that I would pioneer a missionary training base in the Kimberley region of Western Australia…. but God is so good to me that He has called me into this adventure with Him!


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“Trust for Miracles”

Story Time from Papua!

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Beautiful view in Papua

I spent the month of August in the island of Papua, Indonesia. I was part of a Discipleship Training School team where we were leading the students on a missions outreach to the island. And I just wanted to share a story of God’s faithfulness and of something miraculous that happened while I was there!

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Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I’ve written a blog post here. I am going to start writing more regularly now!

Recently I got back from 3 weeks in Papua, Indonesia and 9 weeks in the Aboriginal communities in North Western Australia. There are so many funny and amazing stories from my time there, from getting sick during travel to eating dog meat for the first time to God healing hearts and physical bodies… It was incredible and I will be writing a brief overview of that time so start looking out for that!

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Be Available

“Be available” is the what God spoke to me when i first joined staff for ywam perth in March.

And now he is reminding me of it again. Working with Aboriginal people requires a great amount of flexibility and willingness to learn and change so this has been a major challenge and privilege for me over the last two weeks!

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Soul Man

“I’m a soul man”. The man smiled as he explained to my student and I about his life, living on the streets of Perth…

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Dumkot Ramry

15 hours in a bus, 8 hours in a van, and 11 hours hiking to get to the remote mountain village, Dumkot Ramry. In this village, we lived in the clouds. Sometimes, above the clouds.

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“I don’t want anger”

What makes up the characteristics of any society? Its individuals! If individuals in a society value family, then the society as a whole tends to value families as well. The choices of individuals dictate the characteristics and values of the society they are in.

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Does God like coffee?

Last week I shared about the Tharu People group in south Nepal. God is doing amazing things in the nations! But today I want to share a story of how God is doing amazing things in the people that he’s sending to the nations!

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The Tharu People

The Tharu people are an unreached people group who live in the southern part of Nepal. They are 95% Hindu and only 3 % Christian.

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This is why…

“Well, I’m a Christian, can I pray for you?”

”haha, do you know how many Christians have prayed for me today?! Three!”

“Wow! I think God is trying to send people to show you that He loves you and cares about you…”

“No. No one loves me…”

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